Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference 2023


1. Advanced and innovations in manufacturing processes
Moulding and casting processes
Bulk and sheet forming processes
Material removal processes
Non-traditional manufacturing processes
Welding, joining and assembly processes
Micro and nano-manufacturing
Emerging manufacturing processes, equipment and tooling
Manufacturing with new materials (bio-, green-, multi-functional, smart-materials)
2. Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping
Additive manufacturing (AM) processes
Rapid product development, rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling
Material selection and characterization in AM.
Precision and quality aspects in AM
Post processing of AM components
Experimental, simulation, optimization and data analysis developments in AM
3. Trends in manufacturing systems and automation
Adaptive and intelligent manufacturing systems
Integrated development of products and processes
Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA)
Holonic, smart and cyber-physical manufacturing systems
Energy efficiency, sustainability and green manufacturing
Zero-defects and zero-accidents approaches
Sensors, actuators and control system components in manufacturing processes.
Mechatronics, automation and robot applications in manufacturing
4. Manufacturing engineering, metrology, and quality in manufacturing
Tolerancing, Inspection technologies and testing
Measurement systems and techniques
Industrial quality
Monitoring, sensing and control for manufacturing and inspection
Virtual metrology
Process and production planning
Concurrent and collaborative engineering in manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
Risk engineering in manufacturing
5. Industry X.0, digital manufacturing, and CAx-PLM technologies
Methodologies and techniques of manufacturing in the Industry X.0
Technologies for the integration of 4.0 systems
Organization and management for implementing Industry X.0
Sustainability of manufacturing in Industry X.0
Digital manufacturing, Virtual manufacturing and Digital twin.
Computer-aided technologies (CAx) and Computer-Integrated manufacturing (CIM)
Ontology-based engineering (OBE)
Product data managament (PDM) and Product lifecycle management (PLM)
6. Manufacturing engineering in society
Training and education in manufacturing engineering
Design of manufacturing engineering learning environments
New trends and training strategies in manufacturing education
History and evolution of manufacturing technologies
Industrial heritage in manufacturing
Social impact of manufacturing
Occupational health, safety and welfare in manufacturing